"Have the freedom that PillSuite gives you to enjoy the simple pleasures of life"

About PillSuite

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Watch this short video and learn more about how the PillSuite works and just how easy and convenient it is.

Once you try it, you will never go back to pill boxes again!

Convenient Pill Storage

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Each Pill Suite is individually sealed, labeled and ready to go. Whether you are preparing for a few days or a month, Pill Suite can keep pills organized with no mess, no fuss.

Each Suite has an easy tear-open side and is bio-degradeable!

Organize your Pills

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PillSuite has so many uses for those taking regular medications, vitamins and supplements. It's an organized way to bring all your pills with you, to remember whether you have taken them, and to keep them ready to travel at a moment's notice.

Freedom from the pill box!

Enjoy Life

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Take long vacations. Walk on the beach. Explore the Bistros of Paris or the Basilicas in Rome. The PillSuite packs fit comfortably in your pocket so you can go out for a morning, a day or all night.

Traveling with medications becomes so simple when you have the convenience PillSuite gives you.

What is a PillSuite?

PillSuite is a convenient and clean way to organize and store medications and vitamins. Write the day and time on the biodegradable bag (2 rolls of 200 bags are included). Add doses of pills to the convenient 7-section sorter, and use the integrated funnel to fill the bags. The sealer is perfectly sized and comes with 4AA batteries. Whether you are organizing for a week or a month, you can now efficiently carry medications and vitamins with you to work, class, the gym, or travel.

"Enjoy the freedom and convenience that PillSuite gives you as you travel with confidence"


"Traveling has never been easier. My morning pill and lunchtime vitamins are labeled and sealed every day."

Steve C., Customer