The Makers: Diane & Phil

We are a fun loving couple in love with each other, our families and traveling. Our life experiences helped make PillSuite skillfully designed for any person that takes pills.  Diane was a flight attendant for many years and understands the need to pack efficiently.  Phil is an engineer with years of product design experience.  We are health conscience and take daily supplements.  Our history, along with getting older, helped to create the product we call PillSuite.  Each custom dosage in it's own packet, simple to open with no worries to our environment throwing it away as it will dissolve later. They are also easily labeled for when and who's pills they are.

Traveling Smarter

  In 2012 we took time to have a dream vacation for our anniversary including traveling overseas. We were there a few days  before  boarding a cruise ship for 10 days.  We looked at several pill systems, most were much too big to fit in a carry-on bag.  We knew packing them in a checked bag was too risky in case it got lost.  We purchased a couple of plastic pill containers and quickly found out they pop open too easily and take up a large amount of space. Zip Lock bags seemed the best idea but many pills look the same in a bag and friends told us of situations where pills were mixed up and taken incorrectly.  Phil had experience with plastic bag equipment and created little packets of all our pills for the vacation. An idea was born!

Our Solution: Custom Packets

PillSuite is a revolutionary product that allows personal pill packs to be created from the convenience of your home.  The current methods of packaging in-home medication involves using plastic pill boxes or similar packaging techniques that span 

from a single day to 30 days depending on the product type.  These other mechanisms are typically hard plastic, bulky and inconvenient when traveling or when used on the go.  PillSuite solves this problem by providing small biodegradable bags called “Suites”

that are filled using a companion pill sorter and sealed with a convenient heat sealer.  This process allows anyone to create custom pill packs with minimal effort.