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  Sandra H.
I purchased these for my lengthy trip. It was much easier when packing. I did not need to take many pill bottles. It was very easy to take a small pack of pills daily. I did not need to sort pills at arriving at my destination. It was also convenient on plane to open a tiny pouch. Actually a flight attendant saw what I had and loved it. She took down website to order for herself for her busy job. 

 Sally C.
Perfect for travel
Between my husband and I, we take many medications. I use weekly pill things at home. This is SO much better than taking those things or the bottles of medicine on a trip! It's time consuming to label and fill every little packet, but worth it, and a bit fun. We went on a 2 week trip and I had all our meds in these pouches in a ziplock Baggie that didn't take up much room. Highly recommend this for travel. The only meds I would take in original bottle would be any drugs like Xanax, pain pills, etc. I labeled mine with pink sharpie and husband's with black, just AM and PM and date, so we'd know we took them for that day. 

pill suite made confusion simplicity
this system is simply awesome I am a soldier and I take a literal hand full of meds at morning noon and night, and carrying around a pill case had its own issues with this system I now have a bag with my doeses separated once a month I set down make up 30 days of meds and im done the bags are easily fillable with the pill sorter even with very large pills the sealer runs off 4 AA batteries and lasts for quite a while, I have actually filled the pill sorter to the max and both the bags and the sorter worked awesome, on another note this is not water proof water resistant yes however I learned that the vitamin packs I take can be resealed with the pill suite system putting my meds and vitamins in a water tight pouch so if this is good enough for a soldier it will work for meds just needing to be separated thank you pill suite im also trying to get the army pharmaceutical and mental health docs to look at your system 

 Karen M.
Wow! I love it!
I had tried two different companies that offered to individually package my medication doses. Both companies messed up again and again, and offered nothing more than hollow apologies when I had to add or subtract meds from their packaging. Both companies had limitations on how many pills they could put in a package, because they had to be able to print all the names on the packaging - so I ended up with 2 "morning" packets, one of which only had a single vitamin in it! They didn't tell me about the limitations, they just shipped it that way. They also refused to include 2 of my pills that are considered "specialty meds", even though they don't require any special handling, even if I had them shipped directly to them! When I saw PillSuite, my prayers were answered! I can include ALL of my meds, with room to spare! What a concept! No more forgetting my meds on my way out of the house, I can keep a few morning packs in my purse! Thanks, PillSuite, for making taking my daily handfuls of pills so much easier! 

 Amilcar T.
Excellent customer service
Excellent customer service 

 Tom G
Pill Suite
Great product. In half an hour i did a months worth of morning and evening medications and a week of vitamins. 

 Sally S.
Pill suite
Love it.....makes life so easy and travel even easier....... 

 Tamara M.
Defective roll of bags. Machine is otherwise great!
One of the rolls of bags was defective. The bags would not separate. It was if they were made from just a single layer of plastic. I destroyed half the roll trying to find a bag that would open. A roll from the other box had the first few bags that wouldn't open but the remainder of the roll is fine. Other than that issue, it works beautifully! 



 best way to take pills with you 

Looked a long time for a way to take pills with me when I travel without having to take all the bottles. The PillSuite is it. Was able to safely package each days pill requirements by time of day, morning, early evening and late evening. Safely packaged and easy to use.

Michael C,  MD 


 Love it! 

The PillSuite has made life much easier! Once a month I package my pills and this eliminates opening multiple bottles each day which saves time!

Brenda U


Great Product!

So glad I found this and bought for my husband! He has 4 rounds of pills he must take each day with morning and bedtime selection being different and vital to his ability to function. He was always getting the bedtime and morning pills flip flopped. No more!!! They are packaged up and clearly marked. If we're going to be away from home he just grabs the pouches he needs and slips them in his pocket. All set! Thank you!